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It is our deepest belief that GENOCIDE is an unnecessary evil. We are deeply committed to forming a Global Alliance, titled the "Humanity Agenda" (HA) of scholars, practitioners, global citizens, lawmakers, foreign goverments and corporations to eradicate genocide. We follow the premise that there is and should be a "Global Corporate Social Responsibility to Cooperatively Eradicate Genocide and to Decrease Global Poverty." The HA is the platform that we will use to realize and exercise this premise.


Over the next several years, Dr. C. Moorer & Associates, Inc., will be forming partnerships and alliances with the world's leading bodies and movements dedicated to eradicating GENOCIDE


In the near future, we will travel to Rwanda to research and try to better understand the role of businesses, governments, and NGOs in post-genocidal war regions. We will use this page to keep our constituents aware of our findings, activities, upcoming events, and all other developments.


Important Links


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Illinois Holacaust Museum and Education Center


Institute for the Study of Genocide:


Massacres --- Links to Resources:


Prevent Genocide International:


The Mercer County Holocaust/Genocide Resource Center:

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