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Scholarship Recipients' Success Stories

Dear Dr. Moorer,


I have received the third disbursement for my From Failure to Promise Scholarship safe and sound through my school’s student account. It will be used entirely towards my tuition for this coming term.


I have come to realize more deeply that regardless of what situation you are in, giving to others is not a natural thing to do. I realize that it is only through a special and admirable philosophy, and only from people that truly serve Jesus as their only master.


I wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart, and no matter how many times I thank you, it is still insufficient.


I thank you again with all my heart.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


I pray your new year is filled with more blessings, joy and laughter.


God bless,


Recipient, pursuing a Doctorate of Medicine from The University of British Columbia

(2016 From Failure to Promise Scholarship Essay Contest 1st-Place Winner)

Hello Dr. C. Moorer,


I extend my deepest gratitude in receiving the second place prize in the 2013 From Failure to Promise Scholarship Essay Contest. I hope to achieve the greatest level of excellence in my studies and in my future career. With this scholarship, I will be able to take a further step towards the goal of completing my graduate studies in computer graphics and environmental education.

Once again, my deepest and humblest thanks to you, Dr. C. Moorer, and the members of your judging committee for awarding me this scholarship. With this financial assistance and the lessons I have learned reading From Failure to Promise, I am confident in reaching my academic and professional goals.

Nere Kapiteni, pursuing a MFA degree from New York Institute of Technology
(2013 From Failure to Promise Scholarship Essay Contest 2nd-Place Winner)


Good Morning Dr Moorer!
This news couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been screaming since I read your email. I am very happy and extremely grateful to God for this opportunity. Thank you so much for counting me worthy of this great honor, and for believing in me and my dreams.

This has rekindled my determination to achieve the dreams God has laid in my heart and I will continue to put in my best daily to make it come to pass. I will definitely keep you updated of my progress. 


Olamide Oyetunji, pursuing a Ph.D in Food Science from the University of Georgia
(2012 From Failure to Promise Scholarship Essay Contest 1st-Place Winner)


Dr. Moorer....I cannot thank you enough....!!!! thank you so much...when I told my two sons and wife, my boys jumped up and down and said...daddy won!...Daddy won! this is the best labor day weekend ever! i am truly honored to have been named as a recipient...thank you...I know you get these requests all the time, but I love to meet with you...I have never been to Illinois, I have some relatives there and a good friend. My wife's parents are from there....again, this is truly a blessing...


Michael F. Brown, pursuing a Master of Theology Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary 
(2012 From Failure to Promise Scholarship Essay Contest 2nd-Place Winner)


Dear Dr. Moorer,


Thank you again for personally calling me- it was great to be able to tell you in person what an impact your book had on my life!  I am attaching a digital copy of my essay and a photo as requested.  I do accept the award and give you my permission to post my acceptance and my information on your site.  I tried to call the Office of Financial Aide and Scholarships at the University of Arizona all day for instructions on how to get the funds directly to them, but I was unable to get through.  I suppose you could just send it to me as you suggested- I think that I can deposit it in to my Bursar's account.


I am so excited and I can't wait to read about the other winners on the website and see what they wrote!  Truly, I am grateful that I won and for your generosity, but I am even MORE grateful for God's hand in bringing me your book at the time when I needed it most.  I hope that is what other people are experiencing too.  Even if there were no scholarship involved I would be just as thankful that I experienced your testimony- it helped me so much more than I can ever tell you!


Elysia Jennett, pursuing a MS in Biology from the University of Arizona
(2011 From Failure to Promise Scholarship Essay Contest 1st-Place Winner)




Educators' and K-12 Students Success Stories

Thank You Note!
Note From Social Studies Teacher
"Here to There Program"
"Here to There Program"
"Here to There Program"

Thank You for helping my students succeed!


Environmental Science cannot be taught solely by the information in the textbook. I need real hands on application to hopefully sustain the agricultural for our future. Urban city students have no concept of what it takes for local farmers to generate food to the public. I believe hydroponic farming will increase growth rate and turn over quickly in order to share with other members of the community. I still plan on growing traditional but hydroponic farming is the way of the future. All students must complete a lab safety quiz and contract before starting any labs. This is why you only have pictures of the kids who agreed to having their picture taken. I have been running 6 classes with about 28 to 34 students a class period. Lab safety quiz is scheduled for tomorrow then I can run with some labs provided by Alabama Science in Motion. I look forward to December 1st. What a great Christmas present for us! I believe in dreaming big and never leaving a child behind. These kids know, that I will give them a second, third and possibly a fourth chance to make it to graduation day! I look forward to working with you. Your always welcome to be a guest speaker and meet my kids. After 19 years, I realize that there is only one of me and I need help. 



Janet Dyer  - Carver High School  - Go Rams! 


Janet Dyer, Science Teacher - George Washington Carver HS - Birmingham, AL 
(2013 From Failure to Promise k-12 Educator's Grant Recipient)

Mrs. Dwyer's Science Students 1
Mrs. Dwyer's Science Students 2
Mrs. Dwyer's Science Students 3
Mrs. Dwyer's Science Students 4

Elizabeth Linville's students at Knowlege Academies - Antioch, TN 
  (2013 -  k-12 Educator's Grant Recipient)


My experiences with Dr. C Moorer & Associates Inc., have been amazing. Last school year I was searching for a grant to help start a school library for the students in our K-6 building. We are a small Charter school and have always dreamed of being financially able to provide this for our students; however, the timing was never right. When I applied for the From Failure to Promise k-12 Educator's Grant, it seemed like the perfect fit for our situation. As fate would have it, Dr. Moorer contacted me to let me know we were chosen as recipients and shared his family ties to our city of Dayton, Ohio. Since that first email, Dr. Moorer has been in consistent contact with me regarding our plans for the new library and has visited twice with car loads of books to get us started. He has demonstrated a true excitement and commitment to supporting the library and is always offering to help in new ways. This special room will be dedicated for Dr. Moorer’s mother, Mrs. Dorris Jean Moorer, a Dayton native, and our students will gain a daily appreciation and lifelong love of reading from their generosity. 


Jaime Lierly, Director-Horizon Science Academy Dayton Elementary 
(2012 From Failure to Promise k-12 Educator's Grant Recipient)

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