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From Failure to Promise Scholarship Essay Contest

In 2014, Dr. C. Moorer published his 2nd ground breaking work, From Failure to Promise: 360 Degrees. It is an inspirational autobiography in which Moorer shares his 20-year journey, espousing how God transformed his life and took him from college flunk-out to engineer and, ultimately, to university professor and dean.


Dr. C. Moorer has humbly told his story to inspire and motivate youth to reach great promise. Many students face challenges and circumstances that cascade the reality of reaching their academic hopes and dreams.


We invite HS Seniors and College Students to write an original essay - of at least 1500 words-long addressing all (3) prompts.


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Deadline - July 31, 2021

1st Place Award: $10,000.00



From Failure to Promise k-12 Educators' Grants

How would $500 help you move students/youth "From Failure to Promise" in Literacy, Math, Science, or Technology?


Dr. C. Moorer has written his inspirational story of flunking out of college to becoming an engineer, consultant, and ultimately a university professor to stimulate the minds and drive the ambitions of readers of all ages. 
Now, your school/organization has the opportunity to receive a $500 grant to create new and innovative ways to use the tenets of "From Failure to Promise: 360 Degrees" , to motivate, energize, and catapult your K-12 students/youth to reach their full promise in literacy, math, science, or technology.
To support educators, Dr. C. Moorer & Associates, Inc., will award several $500 mini grants in 2017 to community-based organizations, libraries, or schools with creative ideas for adopting and using "From Failure to Promise" in their curriculum.


Who can apply?


Educators (kindergarten through grade 12) and youth-group leaders are encouraged to apply.


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Deadline: July 31, 2021         



My Mentor Was Me Scholarship Video Challenge

The My Mentor Was Me Scholarship Video Challenge is open to high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree at an accredited university in the U.S. Students must create a one to three minute video identifying and describing the impact a mentor has had on your pursuit of success and the importance of mentor-mentee relationships. Students must then upload the video to the socical network  in order to qualify for this award.


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Deadline: July 31, 2021


Random Acts of Kindness

We are committed to motivating and inspiring educators and students to achieve great promise that results in improved global citizenship.


Our annual scholarship and grant programs; virtual mentoring network; plans to open the doors of the Promise Institute; and the development of the Humanity Agenda are the primary means by which we fulfill our organizational mission and in turn how we will realize our vision.


In 2013, we created an additional program, titled, “Random Acts of Kindness.” This program gives us the opportunity to randomly give back to select groups of students and educators in the Chicago-land area & Metropolitan Detroit/Flint area.


Our hope is that these students will “payit-forward” to young people coming behind them. The recipient groups' of donations, gifts, and altruistic activities rendered through the “Random Acts of Kindness” program are selected solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors & Executive Team of Dr. C. Moorer & Associates, Inc.